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The first ever ORSQ shoe was designed by our founder, Oscar . T, in 2017. Since then, a lot has changed. ORSQ collections has grown subsequently and had step foot onto many foreign land marks. The making of the footwear are made by our very own family-run factory workshop, so as to have full control of all the developments in-house. The space has provided more than enough room for exploration to focus fully on of the craft, with a team of dedicated developers to fully utilise the production facilities. A space that fuels un-ending possibilities.
Every new style designed are ideas of tomorrow and devoted to the continuous improvement of excellence in craft.


Each and every pair of ORSQ is passionately handcrafted from the finest sourced and hand-picked materials by our team. More than just the suppliers of our products, our ORSQ in-house production team worked closely with our designer, achieving perfection at each stage of the prototyping process until the final silhouette is mastered.
We do our utmost to ensure our design process creates the timeless - quality product, whilst being responsible to practice greener production methods.


Developing prize possession-like and durable footwear is paramount to our sustainable thinking, which includes product& emotional durability.
We are continually innovating on materials standards and craftsmanship to extend product life in every shoe we make.