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The people makes the office, they are the most valuable assets of ORSQ.
We take care of the people and the people take care of ORSQ, it’s a cycle.

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We carry the responsibility on our shoulders to ensure the support and sustenance growth of ORSQ’s culture internally.
Our very own factory workshop is also part of the lifeline and heritage of ORSQ.

We are conscious of the decision we make within the ORSQ culture, and we constantly work on improving our communications, rewarding wages to retain talents and optimal working hours with routines of rest for excellence in craftsmanship.

Through the same audits we set a safe working environment and regulate all the chemicals used in the footwear production.
We have zero-tolerance policy against discrimination of any kind, as well as any child and forced labour.

Our goal is to preserve the skills and knowledge of excellence in product craftsmanship within our team, to create gratifying jobs for ORSQ Team for a long time to come.