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Birthed out of the 90s generation, ORSQ is set to redefine the rules
for modern athleisure elegance in the areas of footwear. The
house will continue to assert its vision across the new horizon – this

Creation date : 2017, February
Founder : OSCAR . T
Head Office : Singapore
Website: www.orsq-official.com


Born in the world renown Garden-city of Singapore, ORSQ’s founder, Orsqr ( Oscar . T ) entered the booming sneaker scene in 2017. With a classical fine-arts background, Orsqr recreates sculptural representation of contemporary athleisure footwear - a work of consumer accessible / wear-able art.

To develop the foundation for the ever-expanding sneaker industry, he set up an independent sneaker factory during the early 2017, having a small team in-house to highly focus on developing and reinventing unique pieces of ORSQ. The story has only just began for ORSQ. He has expanded his relentless creative energy to the streets of Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, all for the purpose of transforming the footwear landscape globally. The house believes in melding skilled traditional footwear craftsmanship with the latest technology, whilst cultivating l’art de vivre for the new millennium.


Building into a modern successful renaissance of a footwear label, combining athleisure and classicism, ORSQ’S value lies in restructuring of the classic footwear. Every meticulously crafted pair transcends seasons and trends by being functional at core, yet timeless in style. The team realises the design through technical and material fabrications fusing with the latest technology. ORSQ builds for the millennium community, hence delivering key looks yearly is one of the house’s pillar driving force. The wearer of ORSQ journeys with the brand, discovering the joy of as a contemporary collective.


February 10th 2018 - Backed with bold imagination and big dreams, ORSQ launched their very first model – PRIME HIGH Top Trainer - into the market. Well-received across all genders and diverse age groups, it brought about an instantly youthful outlook and became part of an essential timeless wardrobe element. ORSQ’s first Classic Athleisure signature sole – “ ORSQ Explorer “ instantly reshapes the millennium footwear scape.