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The collections began… from the childhood’s dream of creating “ a universe of tomorrow “.

As an avid oil painter by nature, with more than 50 over large completed works. Oscar have always depicted a romanticised universe of tomorrow he believed so strongly in. He was then asked to create a path beyond the dimensions of a painting.

To make a better sense of the outside world and “create his path “away from the comfort of home, birth “ ORSQ “ a footwear brand. I was never a sneaker collector nor sneaker fanatic like many shoe creators / brand owners are. Neither had I attended formal product development training nor courses on how to create footwear.“ Said Oscar.

The bold power of observation to create possibilities was strong in him as he start to visualise the world, he foresee. ( Beyond the frame of his paintings ). “ The designer ventured to a foreign land that doesn’t speak his native, to connect with a footwear developer which he connected by chance through online recommendations, only to materialise the development of the product he have in his mind and explore on the possibilities. “

( Now he has a full-time operating workshop factory to produce ORSQ footwear in-house )

“I came here all by myself in hopes to develop a product I foresee our generation would wear” Oscar 23yo says.

The footwear technical developer said “yes, I can definitely help you on that. I have designed for Adidas, Skechers and more.”

“Please, could you make an arrangement to create a pair of samples, before I leave the city to proof it to my family, or it would be my first and last time this city“ , Oscar.

The following day, Oscar came back to the office with the designs and ideations. Little did he know, the footwear technical specialist resigned from the company and suggested to carved the path of footwear development together, setting up the foundation first which is to setup a footwear workshop factory to produce all of ORSQ footwear samples wholeheartedly. ( Sounds impossible and too bizarre to understand, but it really happened this way. )

This led to the major turning point of Oscar’s life back at 2017, to rewrite his future chapters and possibilities.

Shortly after, the first successful collection sprung up with the team of creatives at a pop-up retail store in Singapore.


His mother, Brenda, whom he is incredibly close to has prior production experience in the garments business in Hong Kong 35 years ago. She has supported and provided him the opportunity to create the collections. She says, “He was a special child, driven and self-motivated, always creating works at home, rarely goes out for activities or buys things other than craft-related. He wanted to do a thousand things and constantly seeks for opinions.”

“With every collection, I’m finding the right balance between structure, comfort, and wearability,” Oscar says. “It’s really important to me to be true and relevant to our wearer.” His market are young people like himself: people who grew up with the internet, the era of boundless possibilities and convenience.

He had fine arts education, but with no prior product development skills learned in a school and no fashion-system knowledge.