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“Our aim is to create products that are made with closed loop manufacturing processes and we have done it. “

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ORSQ showcases bespoke footwear, encompassing blue-print to completion. The house holds more than 20 years of dedicated modern footwear development practices, and blends the finest of the materials and technical development. With careful precision in every step of the process, our in-house craftsmen and designers meticulously model out a sustainable high value product for the wearer.

ORSQ’s master shoemaker carries out no less than 60 operations to conceive a new design. The customized footwear straight-out from the wooden cast to the shelves, which creates a unique flair like no other. Combining the best technology of the millennium we have to offer, our clients will have the chance to fully experience absolute comfort and the brand’s evolving heritage.

ORSQ have acquired a small factory production workshop ( Now Family-Owned ) to develop all the footwear in-houseand to safe keep the privacy of the blueprint development. With a cumulated experience of more than 20 years, we have built a strong and resilient bond with chain of suppliers within the hub of Fujian province.

The state-of-the-art footwear manufacturing technology is right at our doorstep, with full disposal of convenience and accessibility to develop and source everything, including last, lace, sole, materials and many more.

A highly-efficient move to save the hassle of shipping materials and samples across the globe,drastically cutting carbon footprint. Whilst honestly many luxury brands make their products in Asia — finishing off the process in Italy and France so they can avoid the “Made in China” label — primitive consumer perception that luxury items can only be made in Europe.

Today we are proud to stand by this original decision. With this business model we can also be extremely reactive to the markets demand and not stock up on huge bulk volumes based on estimated sales figures. Our manufacturing process is pacing up to be ethical with the wage first and second on the pulse of customer demand, reflecting the relevance of today’s world.

  • - This is to retain talents, preserve the skills and knowledge of excellence in product craftsmanship within our team by rewarding them with respectable pay for the diligent crafts.

  • - Direct shipment from our production hub / office warehouse – The “direct to consumer” type of digital native generation, delivering products directly to consumers without passing through a middle pitcher.

We are committed to progressively innovate for a greener production practicesand we take a lot of pride in creating ORSQ products, never stop learning, and excellence in craft is the attitude reflected in our growing company.

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Since the inception, we are constantly reviewing and improving our production process to streamline the process hence we started the factory workshop. The result : Less production waste and suppliers are closer to each other to maintain our low carbon footprint and improve the quality of our products.

For every new product, we will secure a fixed quantity of raw materials and produce the sneakers based on demand. This means that the quantities are limited and that you’ll have to be patient to get your pair crafted. We believe as a mid-tier luxury brand, a sincere product can only be made and purchase by a forward-thinking millennium.