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A feat of Metamorphosis.

The first ever iconic sculpture built for ORSQ in c/o with Singapore-based Artist @Rkisn, where the state of metamorphosis is being emphasize in the continuous relentless successive contacts between the kinetic prongs and the circuitry encasing the footgear engineered to generate binding sparks – stimulating tenacious growth.

A feat of metomorphosis DISCOVER ORSQ

Inspired by the idea of ‘Post-Rationalization’.

The idea - We rationalise the ‘decision’ after the fact. Gut reaction first, reason later. 
The process - We project new meanings to the past after recreating the events in the mind. Through an inventive sense, we perceive ‘it’ into our products. Discover the first pieces, now available online.

Inspired by the idea of ‘Post-Rationalization’. DISCOVER ORSQ